Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone can register, except the employees, and close family of the employees of Treasure World.

No, the Treasure Hunt pass cannot be refunded or transferred to another person.

31 January 2021 at 8 AM

Until the chest is found. 

If you have found the treasure chest and didn’t register you will NOT receive the reward of R20 000. The vault requires your treasure hunt pass and the digital key for it to be unlocked.

If not found on the first day, then we will release additional hints the next Sunday at 8am. We will continue to release hints every week until the last week of that month. Then 1 hint will be released every day on the last week until the chest is found.

No, this is an event that will start online on the announce date and time. The 10 hidden clues will be given to all participants at the same time. Participants can then in their own time decipher the 10 hidden clues and go look for the treasure.

Registration will close 12 hours before the treasure hunt starts.

No the treasure chest is NOT in a dangerous place, so please do not go where you can put your life in danger.

All 10 clues will be sent to all participants at the same time on the start date and time of the Treasure Hunt by email. If the clues are deciphered correctly it will lead you to the Treasure Chest.

Please email info@treasureworld.co.za and we will gladly assist you.